Rights to an assessment

In Manchester we have set up a dedicated service to support your needs as a carer and help you obtain a carers assessment. This is the Carers Manchester Contact Point and you can call us on 0161 543 8000 (Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm except bank holidays, and 10am – 6pm on Wednesdays), message us on Facebook or email us on contactpoint@carersmanchester.org.uk. (Please note we are unable to respond to enquiries during weekends and bank holidays).

As a carer you are entitled to be offered an assessment by the local council adult social services department. The Carers Manchester Contact Point can provide advice and guidance around the assessment, as well provide you with other information and support around your caring role.

You are entitled to an assessment regardless of the amount or type of care you provide, your financial means or your level of need for support. You don’t necessarily have to live with the person you are looking after or be caring full-time to have an assessment. You may be juggling work and care and this is having a big impact on your life.

You can have an assessment whether or not the person you are looking after has had a needs assessment, or if Manchester City Council have decided they are not eligible for support.

If you and the person you are looking after agree, a combined assessment of both your needs can be undertaken at the same time.

If you are sharing caring responsibilities with another person, or more than one person, including a child under 18, you can each have an assessment (although for a child under 18 the assessment will be different –please visit the young carers section of the Manchester City Council website for more information).

In Manchester, if you have already had an assessment and think you need a review of your support plan or your circumstances have changed, you should contact the Carers Manchester Contact Point first, rather than go directly to the council.

Source (Carers UK – Carers Assessments)

Protection from discrimination

If you are looking after someone who is elderly or disabled, the law will protect you from direct discrimination or harassment because of your caring responsibilities.

This is because you are counted as being ‘associated’ with someone who is protected by the law because of their age or disability.

This information explains discrimination by association and harassment, which may be useful if you feel you have been treated unfairly because of your caring role.

It also explains other forms of discrimination, which may be useful if you feel the person you are looking after has been treated unfairly because of their age or disability. This may include unfair treatment in relation to the workplace, education, housing, when buying goods or services or accessing public services.

Visit the Carers UK website for more information.

Rights in work

Carers are (like all employees) entitled to the right to flexible working after 6 months of work with their employer, this a is statutory right. As a carer you may be given more favourable rights and allowances contractually, but this is down to your employer.

The best way to see what rights you have with your employer is to see if they have an up to date carers policy. This should address any additional ways they are willing to support you in your caring role.

These links can help you understand in greater detail what right to flexible working you have as a carer, and how to request a flexible working arrangement with your employer

ACAS – time off work to help someone else

ACAS – Flexible working

Carers Rights factsheet

Carers UK Quick Assessment Tool

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