Carers eLearning Course (Being a Carer in Manchester)

The Carers Manchester Learning and development programme is a resource for carers in Manchester to learn new things, and connect with other carers. This programme delivers face to face and virtual workshops, aiming to provide carers with opportunities to learn new things, and better manage their caring role.

As part of this programme, carers Manchester has developed an eLearning course, to help carers better understand their own caring role, and learn how to access support relevant to them.

The course features a number of carers videos, capturing the stories of others who care for someone in Manchester.

The course is designed to mirror the programme’s Being a Carer workshop, which aims to bring carers together in a support and reflective way, whilst providing them with advice, guidance and 1.1 support.

To access the course please click the link at the top of the page.

To find out about workshops which the programme delivers in Manchester, please visit the events page.


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