As part of the Carers Manchester Pathway, carers will have the opportunity to attend our workshops on welfare and benefits, and receive follow on support from a benefits adviser.

Please click on the below links for more information on the different kinds of benefits that are available to carers.

Not sure what you’re entitled to? Visit Entitled To to find out with their free benefits calculator.

Non means tested benefits (benefits that are not based on income)

Means tested benefits (based on income, savings and capital)

Click here for details of benefits rates 2021-2022 from Age UK.


  • British Gas Energy Trust grant can be used to clear outstanding debts on current gas or electricity accounts with British Gas or other suppliers.
  • The Family Fund supports families living on low incomes and who are raising a disabled or seriously ill child.
  • Elizabeth Finn Fund supports people who have a professional occupational background, and if they have recently been through a life changing event resulting in reduced income.
  • Wood Street Mission supports families living on low incomes in Manchester and Salford including help with  school uniforms, toys, bedding, toiletries and more.

Contact us for more information on grants and financial support for your specific circumstances.

See our benefits updates during the coronavirus crisis in our news section here.

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